Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Zealand EOI Points Misleading - Read This Before Submitting & Don't Waste Your Money

Recently, I came across this blog with regards to the Immigration New Zealand rules of accepting migrants through their Skilled Migrant Category. The sad part is, would-be SMC applicants who will submit EOI to NZ don't know that since May 2011, those who score 130 and below don't get a chance to be picked out from the pool. Your EOI might be selected then will be returned to the pool, thus, you have just wasted your hard-earned money to a New Zealand EOI application fee of $510 if you apply online or $650 if you apply by paper. To know more, here's why:

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Even if you scored on your initial pre-assessment of 130 to 140, the New Zealand immigration customer service people will find ways to deduct points on your New Zealand EOI application and then subtract it. Unfortunately, if you are less than 130 points, you will receive a message from some customer service agent stating your points have been decreased; therefore they will put you back in the pool for the remaining months until your 6 month validity has expired. Then they will just take your money. What the Immigration New Zealand doesn't tell you is that, since May 2011, according to that other blog above, they haven't approved anyone who scored lower than 130 on the immigration pool unless you have a job offer. Why waste your $510 if you know your application will just be forfeited? They will find ways to shave points off your application since they have so many applicants lately and you have NO RIGHT to object nor appeal nor get a refund.

To get additional points, they'll say while you're in the pool, find a job offer; which is truly funny because no New Zealand company will hire you unless you're actually there for a face-to-face interview and if you already have a visa. How can you go there to get job offers if you don't even have a place to stay and you'll just waste your time travelling? Employers might interview you while you're there but if you don't live there yet with no visa, you'll be tossed aside in favor of someone that actually lives there already and has a resident visa or a New Zealand citizen.

Think hard before you apply because lately, competition is stiff since Canada has just closed their FSW application(Federal Skilled Worker) application this July and will reopen around January 2013. Granted that Canada is still more enticing than New Zealand, considering Canada's proximity to the United States, New Zealand still offers the visa waiver passport if you become a New Zealand citizen.

Don't waste your hard-earned money and save yourself the stress of waiting & wasting money if you will just be denied. Save your money & just buy something for yourself and your family with that $510 you have and make everyone happy rather than wasting it on an immigration application just to make some other government's coffers rich at your expense.

Still, goodluck in your application, if you insist in being hardheaded. Go ahead & apply at your own risk. But don't tell me I didn't warn you. Remember, if you're just 130 points & below - the New Zealand immigration customer service will just tell you "no way Jose!"


  1. Hi,

    Wish i read your post earlier:) I had 130 points including bonus for the scarce skills category and my EOI was declined after 6 months in the pool. No reason given. Oh well, hopefully that $510 got some government official a nice Christmas gift!

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